• High quality professional visitors and purchasers are the essential elements for successfully holding the exposition. Launching an all-direction and multi-channel publicity campaign from face to point including invitation sending, wechat pushing, GDSSMPA mobilization, website propagating, magazine publishing, SMS sending, letter informing, fax sending, outdoor advertising, etc. The scope further deepens and widens to realize value maximization and quality optimization.


    Target Customers: stainless steel producing and processing, distribution, trading agents; import and export company; end users group and departments from large scale enterprises & groups such as home appliances, automobiles and motorcycles making; machinery manufacturing; hardware; electronics; kitchen utensils, sink, kitchen fittings, cabinet; bathroom cabinet; stainless steel door; precision parts; stamping parts; chassis and cabinet; precision sheet metal processing; solar water heater; elevator; pressure vessel; rail transit; aviation; shipbuilding; solar heat pump; steel structure; mobile board house; architectural decoration; engineering construction; architectural design institute; environmental protection, water supplies bureau.


    If you are a professional in the above fields, welcome to log in to visitor pre-registration system and submit visitor’s information, you will enjoy visiting services provided by the Organizing Committee and have the priority to participate in free forum and other activities which will be held during the exposition.  


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