• Why Choose Us?

    Professional + Brand Promotion + Investment & Alliance + Market Expanding


    Time Advantage

    July is not only an important month in a year for connecting the preceding and the following but also the golden period for vigorous import & export trade and exhibition, seizing the prime time for users procurement and trading. Exhibitors can not only grasp the market initiative but also better understand the requirements of foreign and domestic buyers whereas buyers can choose quality suppliers and optimize the industry chain.



    The professional of this exposition is anterior in the country. The main body of exhibitors is very professional with innovative products which can well match the target customers. Professional exhibitors and counterpart buyers have obvious advantages that ensure accurate docking between supply and demand.


    Place Advantage

    As Foshan won Chinese Stainless Steel · Metals Processing and Trading Capital, Chinese Home Appliance Capital, South China Important Automobile Industry Base and so on good reputations, it owns large industry scale, professional market, a flock of traders and mass circulation volume. It is the strategical place for domestic & foreign stainless steel enterprises to set their layout and perfect their sales channels. The exposition hall has perfect hardware facilities and enjoys great location advantage. It adjacent to professional trading markets such asLecong Steel Word, Liyuan Metal Logistics Mall, Jinchang International Metal Trade Square, Lanshi International Metal Trade Center and so on professional trading market.


    Publicity and Promotion:

    High quality professional visitors and purchasers are the essential elements for successfully holding the exposition.

    Launching an all-direction and multi-channel publicity campaign from face to point including invitation sending, wechat pushing, GDSSMPA mobilization, website propagating, magazine publishing, SMS sending, letter informing, fax sending, outdoor advertising, etc.

    Target customers: stainless steel and metals processing and producing agents, dealers and traders from all of the country; end users groups such as home appliances, steel furniture, automobiles, motorcycles, hardware, sheet metal processing, machinery, kitchen equipment, elevators, bathroom accessories, doors & windows, stairs railings and guardrails, security nets, bathroom cabinets, building decoration, steel structure, petrochemicals, boiler, heat exchanger, project construction and so on end users group; purchasing department from large scale enterprises & groups; distributor from foreign countries and Imp. & Exp. companies.  


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