• The 10th South China Stainless Steel Exhibition Held Successfully

    時間:2016-04-24 00:00:00

    21-23 Apr 2016

    The 10th South China Stainless Steel Exhibition 2016 had been successfully held in the World of Flowers Exhibition Center from 21 to 23 April, 2016. Lin Zeyu, the secretary general & executive vice president of GDSSMPA presided the opening ceremony. Chen Wanxiang, the deputy secretary general of Guangdong Federation of Industry and Commerce; Zhou Xiaoye, the researcher of Guangdong CCPIT; Xie Weixiong, the chairman and party secretary of Foshan CCPIT; Fu Yun, the committee member of Changping County, Chongqing; He Shaohong, the deputy director of Guangdong Federation of Industry and Commerce; Deng Xiangwen, the researcher of Foshan CCPIT; Deng Huoquan, the chairman of Yunfu CCPIT; Yu Zhijian, the vice chairman of Zhaoqing CCPIT; Huang Zhiqiang, the vice chairman of Yunfu CCPIT; Jiang Chengsen, the committee member of Quannan County, Jiangxi; Wu Weibin, the chairman of GDSSMPA; Tang Bin, the executive vice chairman of GDSSMPA; Ye Jianbo, Li Jinwu and Peng Yongjong, the vice chairman of GDSSMPA; Wu Jiean, South China Commissioner of COMESA; Chen Huahua, the general manager of Xingzhongcheng Stainless Steel; Ran Zhoucheng, the marketing director of Wanjiahong; Chen Xuelan from Jinchang Metal Exchange Sqare all presented at the ceremony.


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